Europen project


Hello our friends in the school Návsí!!!


Team members: Klara Vavracova, Klara Otrubova, Hana Olsanska, Vendula Chodurova, Katka Kulisova, Marek Kribik

Supporting teachers: Vladka Demkova, Vlada Snajdr

Music: pop group BLAF


We chose topic : People and place


Show name: GOROLIA and our village Návsí.



We would like to show place where we live and draw attention small village Návsí to large world.

We wanted to show unknown region  in our presentation. This region is very nice, you can take a view of it in each of months. There is beautiful nature, nice places and you can do a lot of trips. This presentation will be instrumental not only to this competition in Munich, but especially for younger school mates like a school aid so if we don’t win this project will be import for us.